About us

The original printed Directory (Red Cross Directory) was compiled by the late Bob Cross from AUSTIN SEVEN OWNERS’ CLUB (LONDON) members suggestions and other sources. Since the original publication the Directory has been expanded to cover suppliers and services to help all old vehicle owners.

This Directory is published as a guide and mention of a particular company or individual does not imply that their products or services are endorsed by the Austin Seven Owners’ Club (London) or the publisher of this website. Equally, omission of  a provider does not imply negative feedback, only that we haven’t been made aware of them. We need your recommendations.

This web version has the advantage of being constantly updated with amendments to existing entries and with new entries. Amendments and new entries to the printed version will continue to be published in the Austin Seven Owners Club Magazine.

This Website has been set up independently (by an A7 owner and Austin enthusiast) but with the full knowledge and permission of The Austin Seven Owners’ Club (London). The intention is to give maximum exposure of sources of Spares, Suppliers and Services to enable owners to restore and maintain their vehicles. We have been as careful as possible to ensure that entries are correct but can only publish details as provided. Please let us know of any changes that need to be made so that we can update entries.

Any questions regarding the site should be addressed to the publisher. To view contact details visit the Contact Us page.

Should you have any further information to add to this Directory please forward via the UPDATES page.

NOTE: All enquiries for spare parts, services etc., should be made via those listed on this website. We are always pleased to help point you in the right direction for specific items but please note —–

we do not ourselves hold or sell spares.

Website addresses and email addresses can be accessed directly from this site by clicking on those addresses.