Welcome to the Old Car Spares, Suppliers and Services Website. This site has been set up using the Austin Seven Red Cross Spares and Services Directory that was created to aid Austin Seven owners in the restoration and maintenance of their vehicles, but welcomes recommendations from all pre-war car owners and those with post-war ‘classics’. The object is to be able to keep our cars running by passing on useful sources of suppliers and service providers. This way we all help each other. Please visit the Contact us/Updates page to advise us of other contacts who are a source of supply or have given good service that can be recommended to other owners. If you spot any details on any of the entries on the site that need to be changed, or updated please let us know via the Updates page. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY THE WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR CAN MAKE CHANGES TO THE PAGES.

NOTE: All enquiries for spare parts, services etc., should be made via those listed on this website. Whilst we are always pleased to help point you in the right direction for specific items

We do not ourselves hold or sell spares or provide services.

If you have questions relating to Austin Sevens we recommend that you visit  https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustinSevenOwnersClubLondon